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Swedish Grammar Practice

It’s easier to learn a language if you use different learning strategies. With the Form i Fokus A App, as a complement to the workbook with the same name, you can improve your Swedish grammar in a varied, challenging way.

The App is based on the book Form i Fokus A which has successfully helped thousands of people to become proficient in Swedish.

How to use the App

The app is simple. You have seven different grammar sections to choose from (nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions and prepositions) as well as some practice with word order. In each of the eight grammar sections, there are different types of exercises (for example, you can practice singular and plural nouns). You can always reach the other exercises by clicking on the menu button on the bottom left.

Click the exercise you want to do. The idea is usually to drag or click the correct word or part of the word to the right place. In some exercises, it is enough to click on the correct word and sometimes put a dash between two words. If you choose the wrong answer, the screen will be hazy for a moment. When you have answered all questions on the page, the arrow on the bottom right will turn blue. You can click on the arrow to get to the next exercise.

The App remembers which exercises you have already done. But you can easily delete parts or all of the exercises and do them again. Just click on the trash next to an exercise or go to ”Inställningar & info” (Settings & Info) to delete the entire history. You can also mute the app via ”Inställningar & info”.

Freely created from Form i fokus A © Folkuniversitetets förlag, Cecilia Fasth and Anita Kannermark.

Graphics: Björn Bindel
Programming: Jonas Rören
Producer: Birgitta Melén
Illustrations: Marie Söderman
Cover illustration: Daniel Perry